We specialize in educational game and graphic services, from start to finish. If your profession is helping children learn through imaginative play or story telling, then perhaps we could work together and design something truly inspiring.
We are a full service company, meaning you provide the idea or need and we’ll do the heavy lifting. From designing the layouts, figuring game mechanics, creating the art and music, all the way to working with quality printers to produce the product for you to resell. Depending on your goals, we can be your direct to finished product company.
CARD GAMES – Small and simple to store, these types of products offer a small manipulative that a child can hold. Combining interesting graphics with a compelling interaction can allow a therapist the needed opportunity to reach a child and communicate your message.
STORY BOOKS – There’s nothing more engaging than a great story. Keeping them exciting and bit sized can allow a child to relate to lead characters, while the therapist gently guides a meaningful message.
COLORING BOOKS – Practicing fine motor, as well as visual perception skills can be an enjoyable experience for a child when integrated with a fun theme and cool characters.
REWARD STICKERS – Often forgotten but always fun, stickers allow children to bring home your message for the day. They’re inexpensive to give to children and will last as a visual reminder of their positive experiences with your clinic.


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